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Miss Millie

Miss Millie


By popular demand – well Elspeth – here’s a pic of my new ‘baby’ Millie. She’s a lovely natured wee dog and extremely funny. She had the second lot of her jags today and is lying in her bed exhausted from it all. She looks dead comfy…wee soul. We all love her in the house except for the guinea pigs who are NOT impressed with having a predator in the house, particularly one who is desperate to get into their cage to find out what they are. They are not as friendly to me as they usually are, objecting to being picked up or patted. It’s not like them, I think they are in a piggy huff. We shall have to be vigilant in keeping the door to their room closed to ensure Millie doesn’t get at them. I don’t know who would win at the moment as my piggy boys are about the same size as my wee girl.

We are not amused!

We are not amused!

DSC_0384 (2)


So how’s things in your life? Hope all is going well. Poor hubby has been really ill this week…he had his first lot of chemo last week and his white blood cell count dropped to dangerously low levels. He had to spend Monday night in hospital because he needed four pints of blood to try and bring his levels up. He got out on Tuesday afternoon and is a lot better, but is going in again next week to get more. The difference in him today compared to last weekend is like night and day. Over the weekend he became increasingly weak, he couldn’t breathe properly and had no energy. Today, he’s almost back to normal, thank goodness.

Anyway, that’s been the worry this week. The rest of the week has been okay with the exception of my flat tyre on Monday (I burst it as I was going up to the hospital and I got a local mobile tyre repair company to meet me at the hospital to replace the tyre – I think it was Lomond Tyres and Auto Care and they were great and also not expensive, so thanks guys). Monday was just NOT a good day. I was glad to get home that night I can tell you! And much better again when I could pick up hubby the next day and get him home.

We’ve not been doing much the rest of the week (except going to work – me; recovering – hubby) and it’s been just what we needed.

As part of the girl’s birthday celebrations last week, she went swimming with her friends on Saturday morning. Myself and the boy met them at the local Weatherspoon’s to buy them lunch. We weren’t allowed to sit with them – apparently I’m embarrassing! – so we sat at a nearby table. The girl and her three friends definitely enjoyed themselves. They looked (and no doubt felt) really grown up sitting at a table all by themselves, choosing from the menu, flicking their hair and comparing make-up (they are all 11!). The girl said it was the best birthday ever, which was great.

This weekend my sisters, their hubbies and weans, and my parents are coming down en masse for tea and cake and a blether. Haven’t seen my sisters for a while, so will be nice to catch up with them. Saw my parents last week, but it’s always good to see them. I will need to dig out all of my teapots to cope as we are all Tea Jennys in our family!!

Right am going to have to go. Got some things to do around the house before picking up the weans! Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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