Hoping to get back to writing…

13255956_10207384595586864_1730845943824072265_nHello. I’m kinda back. I’m dipping my toe into the blog writing world again with the intention of getting back into it properly. I feel now is the time to start getting back to some sort of new reality…without Ian.

Anyway, since last I wrote, we’ve welcomed a new puppy into our home, Casper. I’ll put a picture up of him soon. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier and incredibly cute. He was bought as a companion to Millie (pictured) and is already a very much loved member of the family. He’s full of life and a great wee personality. Millie’s nose was out of joint at first, but she and him get on very well now…except when he launches himself off the sofa at her. She looks incredibly indignant when he does this. Both of them are currently snoozing together on a large dog cushion.

I’ve been doing up my study and hope to properly move back into it by the start of next week. Basically, I’m waiting for a new bookcase to arrive. Until it does, the room is full of books in boxes. Once I get the case, the books will be transferred and I can get the room the way I want it. My desk and piano are in there along with my books and a reclining chair…perfect for a spot of writing, reading and relaxing! I put a new carpet down and it was literally only just down when the pup decided to Christian it with pee. I was NOT happy.

The girl has had quite a week already (and it’s only Wednesday). On Monday night, she fell down the stairs twisting her foot. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t put her weight on it, so I rushed her up to our local hospital (it’s the first time I’ve been back there since Ian’s passing) to have her checked out. Luckily, she hadn’t broken anything, although she’s damaged the soft tissue. She’s been hobbling around loving all the attention she’s been getting.

Casper has a habit of lunging at you with his mouth opened. It’s a puppy thing, but he did it to the boy on Tuesday morning, caught his ear and drew blood. Well you would have thought all hell had broken loose as the boy wailed in pain. It was worse when the boy realised he was bleeding. The yelling and screaming continued as I attempted to clean the wound with an antiseptic wipe. I had to hold him whilst I wiped the wound. He’s such a wuss. Honestly, you’d have thought his arm had been cut off! He’s fine now. I tell you, the cup of tea I had after dropping him at school was the best one I had had in a long time…I totally needed the caffeine boost and relaxation!!

Nothing much else has been happening. I’ve been doing a lot of reading…I love reading, you can get totally immersed in another world and forget any worries. I’ve also been catching up on TV including the excellent The Man in the High Castle and Cold Feet (I love Cold Feet). Am about to get into Poldark…watched the original series in the 70s when I was a very young girl and am looking forward to seeing the more modern version. The books are excellent. Not back into making stuff or baking (except for the cake I baked to mark Ian’s 53rd birthday last week) yet, but am planning to get back into sewing and knitting soon. It’s relaxing.

Right, I’m going to finish this here. Casper has left a couple of wee ‘presents’ under the table that need cleaning up…sigh. The joys of puppies! Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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