Hunting for treasure


It’s been a bit of a non week this week. The weather was terrible at the beginning of the week, so we couldn’t really get out plus hubby had a few hospital appointments so that put the kybosh on making plans.

The last couple of days, however, the sun has finally come out and the kids have been out playing. I’ve been working on a couple of things – one of which is a new book – and been reading. I finished Zorba the Greek and started John Forster’s biog of Charles Dickens.


This morning, I trundled down to Helensburgh for a spot of treasure hunting in the local charity shops. I had a happy hour roaming the shops (one my own – other mums will understand how fab that is) and came back with five tops and a brand new pair of jeans all for £25! Bonus! They are all in really good nick! One is a beaded Jacques Vertes top I got for a fiver…result! And it’s not granny-ish (I find many JV outfits a little too older lady for my taste).


This afternoon I’ve been catching up with Castle and doing this blog. I have Jo Pratt’s Spring Chicken Casserole (from her In the Mood for Healthy Food book) in the oven and tomorrow I plan to gut my study…it’s really really untidy. Over the weekend, I have a kitchen to strip (it needs done up) and the inside windows to clean. I may even squeeze in a wee carpet cleaning as well. Ahem, well that’s the plan…I’ve been finding myself being a little lazy these days. I will just have to take a mental ‘runny’ at them and just get them done. That is the problem with being a grown-up – there’s always stuff to do that you really can’t be bothered doing, but need done! Sigh!

Right am off. Got the table to set and rice to get on! Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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