I am lost for words, which is not like me!

I have been humming and hawing about what to write in this blog this week and it’s proving hard to think of something interesting to put in. My life is not exciting or glamorous, but I like it. However, I don’t want to bore anyone who is reading this with the humdrum of my existence.

The past week has been packed full of:

1) working…unavoidable, but it’s a good place to work, so can’t complain.

2) cleaning up after my offspring…again unavoidable as they are two of the messiest children ever!

3) dealing with a cold…one of many minor ailments I seen to get. I put it down to having two small children and working in an open plan office AND not getting out in the fresh air enough.

4) taking the offspring out for the day on Friday to celebrate the girl getting an excellent report on parents’ night…toy buying at John Lewis in Glasgow and then lunch at Mcdonald’s (it’s a treat, their choice, not mine).

5) baking yet another birthday cake, this time for the boy who is now three…I’ve never seen a child so excited over his birthday cake, was well worth it.

6) housework…yuck.

7) ironing…double yuck.

And NOT enough writing. I really need to get back into it, but other things get in the way! I need to take my own advice and make time for it.

Oh, nearly forgot. I sent out a few press releases last week about the new book and was delighted when most of them used the piece and picture. If anyone’s seen articles, let me know which papers so I can try and get copies.

Dawn x

PS the image is by an artist called Billy Alexander. I found it on a free image library called Stock Xchange. I really like it. The reason why it’s there is because the pics I’ve taken recently are not very good and I wanted to liven the blog up with something colourful and, quite frankly, professional. I love the colours in this.

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