I Hate it When a Book Defeats Me

Hello and how are you all? Hope you’re all well. How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting? I didn’t. Spent Saturday afternoon at our local hospital – nothing serious, just getting one of my kids’ eyes checked out. Yesterday, I woke up unable to open my right eye… conjunctivitis is back with a vengeance. No idea how I got reinfected, but I look like I’ve been punched. πŸ˜‰

The pictures in today’s blog have no relation to what I actually plan to write. I just liked them. Just thought I’d share that.

So, what else has been happening at Nelson Towers? Nothing much to be truthful. I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out and putting things in the attic. We got attic stairs put in (I love them, I know: it’s sad! When I was a younger woman I never ever thought a set of folding attic ladders would have given me so much joy! It’s the little things that bring us pleasure!). I haven’t done any writing over the last couple of days – to be truthful I am struggling with a it a bit. I basically need to just knuckle down and get on with it. This morning I have an hour’s writing schedule in. If it’s on the to-do list, it will be done.

Love that photograph above. It’s so colourful.

Anyway, I have set Perdido Street Station by China Mieville aside as I am really struggling to read it. I am finding the writing challenging because there is just so much description in there that I am finding it’s getting in the way of the story. I’m not afraid of a difficult book – some of my favourite authors are Victorian and they weren’t shy about writing description. However, sorry China, but I am not enjoying the great detail you put into your world. Anyway, I have promised myself I am going to give it one more try and if I can’t get into it, I will set it aside or give it to my local library for someone else to enjoy. I hate it when a book defeats me. I hate it when everyone else raves about a book and I find it ‘meh’. I go into reading every book with the view that I will enjoy it, so when I don’t enjoy it, it annoys me. Anyway, rant over.


So, talking of books, do any of you have any books you’d like to recommend to me? Always on the look out for a good story! Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

So, last week I returned to my exercise classes. I do one Pilates and two Zumba classes per week (didn’t manage to go swimming this week due to dodgy eye). Anyway, I started back at the classes last week. I have a Pilates and Zumba class on one day. I went to the classes. I sweated. I felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion and muscle soreness. That lasted for two days until I did my second Zumba class and then I felt much better. Honestly, I really need to keep my exercise up when the classes are off (in this case due to the Christmas break) cos I felt like I’d been run over after those first classes! πŸ˜‰

Right, I am going to end this blog here as I have a young lad to take to school and three small dogs to walk. Til next time.

Dawn xxxx

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