I just had to show you these…

Okay, so these were taken way last year, but I’ve been dying to show them on a website or blog. This is me following a hunting expedition with a Harris Hawk near Loch Lomond. My lovely hubby bought a hunting session for me as a birthday pressie because he knows I love raptors so much. The pics are of me with Orla the Golden Eagle and Mozart the European Eagle Owl (who appears briefly in DarkIsle: Resurrection – which is OUT NOW!!). I just loved them. Orla was magnificent, really beautiful. Mozart was a wee honey, very cuddly. If you want to see them both, they are at the Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre, Loch Lomond. It was enthusiasts from the centre who took me out hunting. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re looking at it from the rabbits’ points of view!), we didn’t catch anything, but I had a fab time anyway.

Dawn xxx

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