I need to get a move on!

I need to make some time for myself and actually get back to writing, crafting and playing the piano. I’ve been so busy looking after the kids, doing ironing, cleaning, cooking and going to work that I’ve done nothing for myself. And I really want to do some stuff. Life just seems to  be whizzing by and I can’t catch up. Sigh.

For instance, last weekend, we had my niece to stay overnight on Friday night. My daughter and her are just over a year apart in age and they really love each other. It’s lovely. She’s a gorgeous girl and it was a pleasure having her to stay. My sister – her mum – came to collect her the next day and it was good to catch up. After they left, the girl then had a party to get ready for. I had to drop her at a beauticians in Helensburgh. There she got her nails done, makeup and was generally having a good old girly time. She loved it. Our friend’s hubby, whose daughter also attended the party, dropped her off later. The following day, the girl was at a second party at  a house in the village. When I went to collect her and two of her friends who also live in our estate, I couldn’t find my girl. I searched and called for about ten minutes and couldn’t find her. At the same time, parents were collecting children, there were people everywhere and the noise and confusion was deafening. I still couldn’t find my girl. I was getting scared. I was imagining the worst. I was starting to feel tearful. Then someone said there was a child through the back in a utility room I didn’t know was there. I ran through and looked and there she was stroking the cat. I was so relieved.

That weekend I also spent a great deal of time: ironing, cooking, running around after weans, clearing out guinea pigs, shopping for food etc. I managed to squeeze a swim in on Sunday morning as usual too, which was great.

This week, it’s been about work, housework, shopping for food and cleaning up (esp the guinea pig’s cage and playpen). Sigh. I did manage to finish the girl’s cardie though.

I need to get a move on and make some time for myself. Today, I have a couple of things to do, but tonight I’m getting back on to editing DI3 now that it’s back from my publisher with comments. I will also practice the piano – I’ve done no practice for about three weeks and it’s killing me – and start the boy’s cardie (he’s been asking about it). I also took delivery of a Sizzix Pro machine last week so am itching to make stuff with it.

Dawn x

PS once again the image used in this post has absolutely nothing to do with the text…I just loved the colour.

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