I’m in mourning…for my laptop

My laptop has given up the ghost. Remember I told you that the boy had accidentally spilled coke on the keyboard and I managed to somehow get it working? Well, that must have been a fluke because I cannot get the laptop to open now…there’s not even a squeak of life in it. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but to no avail. Sigh. I feel like my right arm has been cut off. I’ve become quite relient on it for socialising, reading other folk’s blogs and generally having a lovely time coohing and ahhing over other folk’s creations. Now, I’m being forced to borrow hubby’s laptop to get on the net. He’s at work just now, but will be back later and will want it back.

Actually maybe having restricted access to the internet will be a good thing. It’ll probably get me doing more stuff rather than sitting in front of a screen for hours.

Looking on the bright side, I have a friend who fixes computers in his spare time. I have everything crossed that maybe he can sort out mine!!

The other thing I’m missing right now is Game of Thrones. Sky Atlantic showed the last episode of series two on Monday night and I am already pining for the series. I LOVE IT. Must go and buy second book. Talking of books, am curently reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I’m enjoying, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a patch on Martin’s Game of Thrones’ series. They are just simply fabulous!

Right am off to do some housework having had a lovely morning of scribbling designs for a new lino cut I want to try. Am back into that.

Dawn xx

ps if you see words highlighted in this that takes you through to a competition to win an i-phone, I defo did not put them there and I can’t get them off. It’s really annoying.

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