I’m still around…just been busy


I’m back. You may have noticed I’ve not been writing long blogs lately. In fact, what you’ve mainly been seeing are pre-written and set up blogs marking ‘special days’…well days that amuse or interest me. This is because hubby has been in hospital. He went in four weeks ago as an emergency. He had an operation which turned out to be really complicated. He was pretty poorly, but thanks to the skills of the surgeons and staff at the hospital, he’s made it home. Unfortunately, when he was operated on they found a malignant tumour. This was a total shocker to us as we had no idea – and neither did the medical staff  – that it was there. However, they found it, they took it out and now he’s got further treatment to go through. I am so grateful that he is still here and I can’t thank everyone enough as the hospital for all they did for him. He’s currently sitting in his usual chair watching American Pickers (he has a lot of recorded ones to watch) and it’s great having him home. The weeks ahead may be challenging, but he’s home and we’ll get through those together.

As a by the by to this story, the kids were ecstatic that their dad came home yesterday. Both of them keep telling me and their dad that they are so glad to have him home. They are just delighted…it’s lovely.


Bee on Iberis Flower

Anyway, now I’m back and not doing the daily trips to the hospital, I can get back to some sort of normality…

Update on the nest…the doves who were building a nest in our security light seem to have moved out. I don’t know why. I think it’s maybe because it’s quite exposed, although high up.

Nothing much else has been happening as you can imagine. I’ve spent my days trying to be normal for the kids, visiting hubby in hospital and trying to get enough sleep…my mind just goes into overdrive the minute I have some peace and quiet. Anyhoo. hopefully I’ll have more to talk about over the coming weeks.

I am still reading the Gormenghast trilogy. It’s been keeping me company on and off over the past few weeks. I’m now on book two and still enjoying it.

Right am off, but before I go here are some more photographs I like that have nothing whatsoever to do with the blog.

Dawn xxx

Corn Field in Summer Drought



6 thoughts on “I’m still around…just been busy

  1. Really pleased that hubby is home again. I haven’t read the Gormenghast Trilogy in a long time but it was a big favourite of mine. If you can find it, you should try and watch the TV series with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Steerpike – he was very good in that! I seem to recall that it had Celia Imrie, Christopher Lee and a few other famous names in it too. Not as good as the books mind, but not a bad interpretation.

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