It’s a terrible thing when you can’t think of anything to write

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There comes a time in the life of a blog when you run out of interesting things to say. I am at that time. I don’t lead a really interesting life…it’s a run-of-the-mill working mother’s life which is taken up with washing and cooking and ironing and cleaning. So this week I don’t have much to tell.

Okay, so I have one thing to tell. Last week we all went to the village’s Gala Day. This is the second year it’s happened and it was really good. My parents came with us, the weather was fantastic and the gala was packed. It was really nice to see a big part of the village turning up to support it. What I love about living in this area is that because we are near Faslane (our local naval base) and many people living here are in the emergency services, we always have interesting people turning up with interesting vehicles. This year was no different: we had the Fire Service again (my boy loves Fireman Sam so he was in the cab of the appliance (that’s Fire Service speak for Fire Engine) and chatting away to the Firefighters) and the Bomb Squad turned up too. When we first heard they were coming, hubby and I couldn’t help but laugh in that ‘what do you mean the bomb squad are coming to the gala day?’ kind of way. It seemed absurd, but the guys turned up with a big truck and four by four plus one of those robots you see in movies like the Hurt Locker…the robots that they send in to defuse bombs. It was (in the words of my daughter) ‘awesome’. They chatted to us about what the different equipment did. They had helmets and breathing apparatus for underwater work and all sorts of other stuff. It was great. My dad, who was in the Royal Naval Reserves, was in his element chatting to the guys. There was a climbing wall and stalls and all sorts of other things and of course I forgot to take photos!! It was a good day. Mum and dad came back to ours afterwards to sit in the shade and drink tea and chat and have a laugh. It was great.

Talking of the good weather, I’ve been putting the guinea pigs out in their pen outside and they are loving it. It’s a wee bit windy tonight, but they are still out there cropping the grass and running around and generally having a nice guinea piggy life. It’s nice to see them doing it.

What else has been happening? Well I was gasping for a cup of tea earlier, but had to go and get the kids from school, so I put some tea into a travel mug and took it into the car. I put it in the cup holder, but the cup was slightly too big. I thought it would be fine, but I’d just reversed out of the driveway when the cup took a dive and ended up under my feet, boiling hot tea splashing all over the car floor. Several curse words later and a screech to a stop (not literally, I wasn’t going fast, but it sounds more dramatic) and I surveyed the damage. There was not one jot of tea left in the mug and my carpet was steaming. Sigh. I was busy muttering to myself when I was suddenly aware that I was not alone. I looked up to see my two neighbours looking at me as if I’d gone mad. I didn’t know if they thought I had lost my mind, but they gave me such quizzical looks that I felt an explanation was in order – there was also the fact that I’d said some expletives rather loudly and my drivers’ side window was open at the time. Anyway, I rolled down the passengers’ side window and explained what had happened. They just laughed. I thought nothing more about it until I returned home later this afternoon to find a travel mug stuffed into the metal bits of our gate. I knew immediately who had left it there!! I went over to thank them and they just laughed. They said they felt I should have a new mug seeing as how the other one was so tricky!! It made me smile.

It’s past nine o’clock just now – Wee Willie Winkie time in Scotland – so I will end this blog here. I need to go and retrieve the pigs out of the garden anyway and stuff their cage with hay. They love munching on hay. So until next time.

Dawn xxx

PS a wee word on Game of Thrones…sigh!! I can’t believe I’m going to have to wait another year to see the next series. It cannot come quickly enough. The last one of the series was good because it tied up a few ends regarding what had happened to other characters. My fave moment of the episode was when the Lannisters were gathered and Joffrey was spoken to like he was a small child. I think Joffrey will try and get his grandfather and Tyrion back for that – he’s that nasty – but he’s not clever enough. Anyway, I need to wait til next year to find out what happens OR I could read all the books. Dilemma, dilemma. Ach, I think the books it is!!

PPS have just rushed outside to rescue the guinea pigs. All of a sudden the heavens opened and the rain came down really hard. They sheltered in the cardboard box I’d left in there for them, but they still got a little wet when I scooped them up and ran back inside. Have you ever seen a disgruntled slightly wet guinea pig? They are hysterical. They have expressive wee faces and the faces they showed just then was ‘we are seriously pi**ed off’!! Hee hee.

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