It’s all over so quickly

I don’t know about you, but I always find the days after Christmas Day such an anti-climax. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of lazing about and doing not very much except stuffing lots of chocolate in my mouth and watching an old film, but I found Boxing Day quite boring yesterday. I think we should have just gone out for a walk or something, as I’m planning to do today.

Also, when you have young children as I do, you never get any decent period of time to yourself except when they go to bed and by then they have frazzled you so much you’re too tired to do anything!!

My two had a ball on Christmas Day. They got tonnes of pressies and then we all headed over to my parents’ house for a big family get together. My mum made a fab dinner. This year there was no turkey (at the request of a few family members, I think, including myself), we had either beef or poussins (small chickens, which were delicious). I’m not a big turkey fan. I much prefer chicken, so this was great. She also made fab starters, excellent soup (my mum is the best soup maker in the world), and two types of pudding (a lemon one that had biscuits and meringues and cream and fruit or traditional Christmas pudding). Then it was crackers and cheese and mince pies and mints and all sorts of lovelieness which I couldn’t partake in cos my stomach was about to explode!! Hats off to my mum…there were 15 of us and her dinner was really good.

The rest of the day was spent chatting and laughing and drinking wine/soft drinks and laughing at the kids ( there were five of them including my two) who were running around and generally having a good old time to themselves.

We left around 7pm because of the threat of a freeze. The roads over and back were quite icy and we had my father-in-law with us, so had a bit more journey to do to pick him up and then return him to his house.

We got home around 8.20pm, put two very tired children to bed then cracked open a bottle of wine and watched some telly. Me and hubby didn’t stay up late…those days are gone now that we have kids…but, I’m ashamed to say, did manage to eat a few wee snicky-snacky-snoos before bedtime. This is even though we’d eaten so much earlier! Well, if you can’t be greedy on Christmas Day, when can you? Someone at the family party mentioned that apparently the average person eats every 38 mins (or something like that) on Christmas Day, so we had obviously fallen behind.

Christmas presents I recieved from my lovely hubby and the kids included: a whole stack of books, which I’m only just still managing to flick through; chocolate; Sex in the City 2 (haven’t seen it yet and was a big fan of the tv series, so much so that when it stopped I actually suffered a bout of depression…well Friends went off around the same time and they were the onlytwo programmes I watched religiously); Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (my favourite, favourite, favourite Disney film…we watched it yesterday); and another box of chocs. No doubt I will be chatting about the books in future blogs.

On the crafting front…managed to finish knitting two vintage style horses for the kids, a pair of gloves for my mum and a pair of socks for my dad in time for Christmas. Was really pleased with them. On my knitting to-do list I have to finish a cardie for me and I’ve promised hubby a pair of socks, which he will wear if I have to glue them to his feet (he doesn’t seem impressed with the thought of knitwear!!). I also have a dress to sew, which is cut out…just needs to be put together. Thank goodness I’m off work for the next two weeks!!

I have vowed that now the preparations for the festive season are over, I am going to get myself organised and get writing again. Am going to put the finishing touches to a little history book I’m writing before getting back into DarkIsle 3.

Right, am off to get dressed. I have promised the kids a walk this morning. Then it’s back to our house for homemade lentil soup (my favourite), ironing (sigh, me) and maybe we’ll watch The Polar Express (recorded from the other day, a fab film!).

Happy holidays!

Dawn xxx

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