It’s been a bit of a mad week

Collared doves

Collared doves

Sorry I’m a bit late with this post. Hubby is back in hospital and we’ve been running up and down to visit every day. So, as you can guess, my blog’s not been on my mind.

However, it’s Sunday morning, the wind is howling outside, the rain is lashing and I have a bit of time to stop and say hello. How are you all? Hope you are well.

Before I go any further forward, just wanted to say thanks to family and friends who offered help over the last few days. I greatly appreciate it.

Right, so what’s been happening apart from hospital visits? Not very much. I did, however, discover a lovely thing this week…some collared doves are nesting in the back of the security light on the front of our house. I will get a pic once the weather gets better – it’s way too wet outside to take photos. It’s so nice to come home and see a dove peeping down at us as he or she sits on the nest. Can’t wait to see if we can see the chicks from the ground.

What else? I picked up my new (to us) car this week. It’s another Nissan Note (my last car was a Note and I think they are great wee cars). It’s a year old and practically brand new. I love it.  Hubby and I were meant to pick it up together and then go out for lunch, but unfortunately fate had other ideas. I took the kids instead after school and the two of them were really excited about it. We then drove it to visit hubby and the pair of them waxed lyrical about this fantastic new car.

Rumbling Bridge, Kinross

Rumbling Bridge, Kinross

The girl is away for the weekend with Scripture Union. She’s in Kinross. As I’ve said before we are not a religious family, but she goes to SU on a weekly basis at school (mainly, I think, because her pals go and they get sweeties!) and she wanted to go. Plus I thought it would be good for her. She went on Friday night and was jumping about with excitement. This is the first time she’s been away for a weekend without a family member there. Hope she had a good time. She’s back tonight and I can’t wait to see her. The boy, however, has been loving not having his sister around. We’ve been watching movies at night – last night it was the Lego Movie and we had popcorn – and he’s been getting lots of one-on-one mum time. He’s such a wee darling when he’s not fighting with his sister. I’ve been enjoying the peace in the house (no aforementioned fighting – it gets vicious at times), but I’ve missed my girl.

Rumbling Bridge Gorge, Kinross

Rumbling Bridge Gorge, Kinross

I did a writing master class with some kids from our local school. I don’t normally do school visits for various reasons, but because I know the school (my kids go there), I know the teachers, I knew some of the kids…I agreed to do it. We did it in our local library (I know the librarian well too…she’s lovely) and it was great fun. Our library is small, but the locals love it and it’s used for a lot of different things. It was the perfect place to do the master class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope the kids did too. We concentrated on creating characters and based it on the first of the DarkIsle trilogy – DarkIsle.

Not much else has been happening. Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so am looking forward to having another long lie and a bit of a jammies morning (as me and the boy are having this morning). Later today, we’ll visit hubby, pick up the girl and settle down for the evening. Hope the rain goes off so I can get a pic of the doves…they are so lovely.

Before I go, just wanted to wish my lovely oldest niece a happy birthday on Tuesday. She’s going to be 12. Can’t believe she’s that age already. I remember when she was a tiny little baby with beautiful big eyes and loads of dark hair. She’s still got the big eyes and dark hair and has grown into a lovely young lady. Happy birthday gorgeous! Hope you have a good day!

Anyway, need to go. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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