It’s Been a Bit of a Weird Week

Hello, how’s things? Hope you’re all well. I’m starting this blog in a bit of a fug. This week has just been exhausting and my brain is fuzzy and tired. I think it’s partly due to the fact that the clocks went forward last weekend (so we lost an hour) and partly due to the kids being off for Easter (yes, I know Easter is in a couple of weeks, but for some reason the kids are off now). I can’t concentrate the same when the kids are home all day – it’s partly the noise levels, partly the mess and a lot, the constant interruptions.

Anyway, enough of my moaning. There are worst things happening in the world. I will just go and hide somewhere in the house where they can’t find me…if such a place exists!! 😉

Millie, who ate something she shouldn’t have

So, what’s been happening here at Nelson Towers? Well, I’ve been stressing out this week about my next assignment for my uni course. I just can’t get my head around it. I just can’t concentrate. This lack of concentration stems from last week – Wednesday – when I was sick. Literally sick…all over my bedroom carpet. My stomach had a bit of a disagreement with a cheese sandwich and the result was a mad dash to the bathroom, a screech to a halt, bringing up aforementioned sandwich and then completing my dash to the bathroom where the rest of the sandwich made a very swift appearance down the toilet. My lovely son came to my rescue with a glass of water and lots of sympathy. When I’d finished being sick, I returned to my bedroom to clean up the mess and found him on hands and knees wiping the carpet. Bless him. When I thanked him, he said: “It’s okay, there wasn’t much as Millie ate it all.” Sure enough, on closer inspection of Millie, her breath smelled distinctly of puke. 🙁 Sigh. Anyway, my stomach wasn’t back to normal until the Saturday…three days later. I had hoped to have lost weight, but it doesn’t look like I did. Aw well!!

So, that was the drama last week, but it held me back a good bit on all aspects of my life: writing, studying and the washing. This week, I have the Mount Everest of washing to do. It’s so big a pile of dirty washing that not even Millie can sit on the top of it, as she is wont to do from time to time. So, guess what I’ll be doing this week?? 🙁 Hate bloody housework.

The Durrells from the tv series of the same name.

I am reading: got a new book. It’s called Dining With the Durrells by David Shimwell and it’s stories and recipes from the Durrell Family. I am a huge family of Gerry Durrell’s stories about his family and the subsequent tv series (the very last series begins soon…I will be bereft when it ends for good as I’ve loved every minute of it), so this is a lovely addition to my Durrell library. I may even try some of the recipes. I’ve not had a proper good look at it yet, but will take it to bed with me tonight to indulge properly. If you want to get yourself a copy, grab it here:

Moving on…

Andrew and Phoebe… what a combination!

Talking of television programmes, have any of you been watching Fleabag? Oh my God that programme is brilliant. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s funny and clever and quite wicked. Andrew Scott (he who played the evil Moriarty in the Sherlock series and was wonderful at it) is in this current series as Fleabag’s new amour. I shall say nothing else about it other than…wow! I cannot wait to see what happens next. BTW Phoebe Waller-Bridge who wrote and stars in it is amazingly talented. She’s my new favourite tv writer. Well done Phoebe for creating this brilliant programme.

Am also loving Derry Girls. It’s so funny and the music is great. I was in my 20s in the 90s when the show is set, so it’s been lovely seeing the fashions and hairstyles and enjoying the music again.

Derry Girls

Right, I am going to finish up here. Next time: there will be news about the audiobook of Dusting Down Alcudia as well as the sequel. Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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