I’ve seen it all now

I can’t help myself, I just can’t. Although I wouldn’t refer to myself as a Royalist, I am totally caught up in all the Royal Wedding stuff and have been on watching some of the BBC’s coverage this morning already (just so you know, I’ve been up since 6.30am due to demands by the boy and only switched on to see the Scottish news). One of the first things I saw was a crowd of very cold looking people all dressed up in their finery sitting at fold away tables in a ‘street’ created at a caravan park somewhere in England.  Then there was some coverage of the crowd outside Buckingham Palace and the interviewer was talking to a girl who was dressed up as the Royal engagement ring – she had coloured her face blue and created a headdress to emulate the diamonds surrounding the sapphire. I must admit, I was a little bemused by it, but also impressed by her gumption. As I mother, I also had a fleeting worry about how she was going to scrub it all off and would it dye her pillowcase! Sigh.

It’s 8.25am as I write this and I will say now that I will be watching the coverage later on. I love all the pomp and circumstance. I love all the madness that goes with it. I will be watching at my friend Jane’s house, we will be eating a buffet and I will be bringing Royal Wedding cakes (bought at the Co-op yesterday – I said I wouldn’t buy any memorabilia or rubbish to do with the wedding, but couldn’t resist those, they are so kitsch).

Anyway, I’m not the only member of the family so caught up. One of my sisters has a one-year-old daughter and someone (my sister? I am not sure, but quite possibly) bought her this – it’s the Early Learning Centre’s HappyLand Royal Wedding set. You’ve got to love ’em for getting right on the bandwagon with that one!

Enjoy the wedding and speak to you later!

Dawn x

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