Jack Vettriano’s paintings make me happy!

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We went to the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum on Thursday – me and my parents that is – and it was a lovely day, cold, but sunny. We were specifically going to see the Jack Vettriano exhibition (more on that in a minute), but my mum and dad hadn’t been to the art galleries for a number of years so we took a wee turn around the exhibits there as well.

The Jack Vettriano exhibition is excellent. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There are those who say he’s not a great painter, but I disagree. I think art is all in eye of the viewer and what it makes you feel. I love his work because it’s thought provoking, colourful, romantic, fantasy, emotive and a whole host of other emotions. It makes me happy to look at a Jack Vettriano painting. I just love them. There is also a kind of vintage feel (I often envy the female subjects of the paintings because of the beautiful dresses they wear) to them…I feel that I’m looking back to a beautiful version of the 50s when I gaze at a JV painting.

There were a number of screens dotted around the exhibition with clips from an interview with Jack. He talked about everything from his influences to the day he realised his work was popular and his childhood. It was really interesting and he came across as an ordinary man with a sense of humour. There were no airs or graces to him and that made me like him all the more.

Anyway, if you are in Glasgow and you have a wee bit of time to spare, get yourself along to the exhibition and enjoy!! It was well worth the visit and the £5 entry fee! It ends on February 23, 2014 so make sure you go before it closes.

Dawn xxx

2 thoughts on “Jack Vettriano’s paintings make me happy!

  1. I too, love Vettriano’s work, I have a book about it and did you see the programme on television last year. A fascinating man I thought, so down to earth. Sadly I live way too far away to see the exhibition, so I shall content myself with the book.

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