Java, lava and frugal living

kalud 2

Well the volcano project has been taken to school, wrapped in black binbags against the weather (which is raining…again). It doesn’t look as poo-like now she’s painted bright red lava down the mountainside, although a person could argue that if it really was poo you’d be wanting the person to see a doctor with all that red running down it! Anyway, I digress… I set out and printed her notes up for her. I added a few photos of the real Mount Kelud volcano in Java (pictured above and below) – that’s the volcano she was studying – and an image of a holiday poster that looked like it had come from the 50s. It looked good, I was well pleased with it. She was well pleased with it. Hope her presentation on it goes well.


Looking out photos of Kelud, I came across some really nice images of Java itself. Makes me want to go…what do you think?




Yup, I think I’ll put Java on my list of places I want to visit before I die.

Anyway, other stuff the girl’s been doing just now includes rehearsing for her ballet show next month, practising for her singing exam next month and rehearsing her part as an orphan in the school’s version of Annie. If I hear ‘It’s a hard luck life’ one more time, I’ll scream!! She’s a busy wee bee. Makes me feel exhausted just looking at her!

The boy, however, isn’t into joining things and is happy pootling about and playing with his Dr Who stuff.

So how’s your week been? Mine has gone by in a flash…it’s true that life speeds up the older you get. I’ve been reading a few things up on frugal living – I love saving money by making my own food and recycling and other stuff. The latest blog I’ve come across and enjoy is by a lady called Elaine Colliar whose blog Mortgage Free in Three is packed full of great tips. What’s really nice is that she’s a fellow Scot so all her references are very familiar and homey. I like her honesty and the way she doesn’t feel sorry for herself…she’s a single mum who’s trying her best to pay off her mortgage whilst feeding and clothing her family. I like her humour. It’s very Scottish.

I’ve not been writing. There, I’ve admitted it. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to get back into it. Maybe if I just sat my backside down in front of the laptop and just get on with it, I’d start again. Sigh. I’ve been reading a lot of great writers over the past few months (and some not so good) and I think that’s been putting me off…I look at my writing and compare. I need to stop doing that and just get on with it. I’m going to set new writing and goals and get on with it. That’s top of the to-do list!

Right am away to get on with that list. Until next time!

Dawn xxx



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