Korean version of DarkIsle

Korean version of DarkIsle

After more than a year of trying,  hubby finally tracked down a copy of the image of the  Korean version of DarkIsle. Isn’t it fab? I particularly like the image of Shona, especially the fuzzy ears and mane.  The reason why it took him so long to track it down, by the way, was because we didn’t know what it was called nor how to ask for it or my name in the Korean alphabet. Looks great, though, doesn’t it?

Not much been happening in the Nelson household of late. Just going to work, doing the usual mountain of washing and ironing (the penalty for having two small children) and attempting to fit writing in all around it.

Am off to my friend’s house tomorrow for lunch. It’s a gathering of about seven mums and their offspring. We’ve not seen each other for quite some time, so it will be good to catch up. I’ve been charged with providing the cupcakes for the event! Yum.


PS last week’s cupcakes turned out lovely…I made green icing at the request of my son and sprinkled the tops with Hundreds & Thousands. They looked great, not professional, but still great.

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