Life is trundling along

Hello, how are you? Hope you are well. Things are still pretty much the same here. I don’t want to go into it too much, but hubby is still pretty unwell. He’s getting stronger, but there are complications which are making oncology treatment seem like a long way off…which is worrying.

Anyhoo, I’m not going to dwell on it too much in this post because I want some happy things to be in this blog.

Now let me see…happy things. Well a couple of friends have either finished courses they were doing or about to finish them…so congratulations ladies, you know who you are! Well done. Pat on the back etc. Am expecting you to be available for tea and cake at some time soon.

My youngest sister turned 35 today! Happy birthday Vic! Hope you had a good day.


The bats were back in the garden the other night. It was a sunny (for a change) evening and I could see the little black creatures flitter and flutter about from tree to tree. They are lovely to watch – although they are so quick you have to be really concentrating in order to see them. I love watching wildlife. The other day I saw a hare in a field nearby. I have never seen a hare in the wild before. I’ve seen plenty of rabbits, but never a hare. I loved it.

We had a lovely family dinner tonight. My stepkids came over to visit and the six of us sat down to eat. We’ve not done it for ages and it was great. I went and picked up a Chinese carry out from The Mandarin in Helensburgh (a really nice restaurant) and we had a laugh. It was good to see the four kids (although my stepkids are now adults) together. My two just love their older brother and sister.


Unfortunately I think the dove has abandoned his or her nest. I think there was just one of the birds. I think it might have been a young, inexperienced one. I only ever saw one bird and the nest was very scrappily built. Who knows? Anyway there does not appear to be any eggs, so that’s a blessing.

Still plowing through Gormenghast…well not ploughing. I haven’t felt much like reading lately. Just not in the mood for it. Been going through my large collection of cookbooks though to dig out good and nourishing recipes to feed hubby up. We’ve been eating pretty well since he’s come out of hospital. I don’t think I could have gone on much longer with the food we’d been eating when he was in. I just couldn’t get organised enough to cook properly. I was too tired, there wasn’t a lot of time before and after travelling to and from hospital and picking up the kids. It was just too difficult. Back to cooking now, thank goodness. I made Black Bean and Feta burgers recently from the Hemsley and Hemsley The Art of Eating Well cookbook and they were fantastic. My kids, as usual, turned their noses up at them, but I think if I keep offering eventually they might try them. I am trying to eat more healthily – okay we had a carry out tonight, but that was a treat.

I can’t think of any snippets of news to share with you. No doubt I will remember something as I lie in bed tonight attempting to get to sleep and I will think: “I  must remember to put that in next time.” Inevitably, I will drift off and completely forget all about it. Not to worry.

Right am off. It’s getting near bedtime and I am thinking I could just squeeze in another cup of tea. I will probably regret this as I find myself getting up at 3am tomorrow morning for the toilet, but it’s Friday night and I’m feeling a bit ‘wild’ so am off to make a cup!

Til next time!

Dawn xxx


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