Lights, Lines, Action! A Busy Week at the Theatre Unveiled

Some of you may not know this, but I not only write fiction, I write non-fiction too. Apart from launching my recent book on writing for kids and teens – Writing Magic: Creating Enchanting Stories for Children and Teens – I also write about writing on Medium. Here’s my latest: No Safety Net – the Hidden Risks of Self-Employment.

Right, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with this blog. So how are you all? Hope you’re well and have had a great week.

Mine started brilliantly.

Some friends of mine gave me a ticket to see Lucy Worsley talk about Agatha Christie at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow on Monday. It was fantastic. I went with a friend. We had dinner at Halloumi (small portions, but very tasty) and then went to the theatre. Lucy gave a great talk on Christie, talking about her life, the time she disappeared and her writing. It was really interesting. She also took questions from the audience. Most were really great questions, but there was one guy who just loved the sound of his own voice and showing off “how clever he was”. There’s always one, isn’t there? He’s the type that when he’s in a meeting and it’s about to finish keeps everyone back an hour extra with some long-winded query about nothing. Anyway, she handled him pretty well. So, my review: fab night, fabĀ  company, fab Lucy.

On Thursday, another friend and I had lunch at Red Onion, a fantastic restaurant off Bath Street in Glasgow. It’s not cheap, but the food was excellent and the wine was just yummy.

Then we went to see the Christie play And Then There Were None at the Theatre Royal (I had it in my head it was taking place at the King’s Theatre, but it wasn’t and we had a mad dash to get to the theatre just in time). We arrived puffed out, red faced and sweating. The play had just started and we had to squeeze along a line of people to get to our seats in the stalls. Once again people, sorry about that. The play was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed it. It was beautifully staged and the acting was good. There was comedy, drama, blood and gore. It was fab. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, once it was over (it was a matinee), we decided we would get a quick glass of wine before catching the train home.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – that did not happen.

What happened was I suggested we go to The Anchor Line (another fab Glasgow restaurant and bar) for a glass of wine. So, we did. And we decided we were hungry. So, we had dinner as well. We both had a half lobster and fries – my mouth is watering just thinking of it, it was so delicious. And the wine was heavenly.

I got home just after 8pm on Thursday night. I was a little merry, but not drunk. Unfortunately, the rain was heavy that night and I appeared home soaked through and resembling Worzel Gummidge.

Today, I was supposed to be meeting another friend at Oran Mor in Glasgow’s west-end, but I woke up with a sore throat and achy bones and sneezing and just not feeling well. So, I had to cancel. I hated doing that, but I just couldn’t go. I’m still feeling rough and plan to go to bed early tonight.

Anyway, despite feeling yucky, I’m still doing a bit of work. I’m just catching up on last week’s work – the work I missed because I was off gallivanting to the theatre. It was worth it though.

Right, before I go a quick para on what I’m reading right now. It’s this book:

It’s really, really interesting. It’s war from the home front told in the actual words of the women who lived it. I love history, especially World War II history and this is fascinating to read. Really recommend it.

Before I end today, let me tell you about some more of my products. If you’re a writer and you want a downloadable, printable writer’s planner (it’s 15 pages that will help you track your wordage, plan your book and its launch) from my shop on Gumroad. It’s available in Blue, Pink and Grey. There’s also a six-page home schooling planner.

Okay, that’s me for now. Until next time.

Dawn xx

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