Look who I met on Monday! It made my day!


Monday was my birthday (yes I am 25 again for the nth year running!). I went to work not expecting anything in particular to happen. I knew I had an event to attend, but I didn’t realise how great it would turn out to be. It was a families and children’s event at the Science Centre in Glasgow and it was packed with parents and kids. The atmosphere was great and there was lots of things to do and I (I went to take photos). Anyway, there was a stage and on the stage was this lovely lady (Jessica) from Something Sweet Princess Parties. As Elsa she sang Let it Go and was AMAZING! All the kids and all the women roundabout sang along. It was great. And she was so good with the kids. As it was my birthday and I am a Frozen fan I just had to get a pic with her. She was so nice!

Thanks Jessica for the pic and for the message to my kids!

Here she is singing Let It Go.

Dawn   xxxx

PS she is available for hire for kids’ parties and, I am told, goes down a storm at Ladies’ Nights.

PPS my sister recently met Jedward…I think I’ve gone one better!!




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