Making Christmas presents and Halloween bags

autumn 3


Oh it’s getting really autumnal outside! What a week we’ve had weather wise…heavy rain, high winds. Nasty. That was the start of the week. Yesterday the weather was beautiful and today it’s overcast and rainy. It’s dark too. Sigh. Winter is coming!

So how have you been? I’ve been working hard on Christmas gifts. I will show you pics of them soon. Just need to set them up and take them!


autumn 4

Tonight the kids and I got some sweet bags ready for tomorrow night. I’m not bothered about Halloween, but the kids love it. I like to get bags ready so that I just hand them out when the guisers come round trick or treating.

autumn 2This weekend I’ll continue on with the gifts so that I have them all ready by the end of November. Fingers crossed all the recipients will like them!!


Anyway, I’m going to stop this post here. Got to get on. Am off to take up the knitting pins again!! Til next time!


Dawn xx







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