Mimicking Buster Keaton, Volcano poo and Home Alone

rain 1

Hello. How’s things? How’s your week been? Mine has been pretty busy. Spent yesterday celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary with the family. They’ve been married 46 years!! Congrats to both of them. Needless to say, I am now suffering from a bit of a hangover (they are very generous with food and drink) today…sigh.  I stopped drinking by teatime yesterday, but I still feel rough today. Totally self inflicted. It was the wine, it was calling to me: drink me, drink me! So I obliged.

Forgot to tell you my comedy moment from last week. Honestly, it would have made a good You’ve Been Framed video. I’d just finished washing the kitchen and toilet floors and was walking across the kitchen floor when the world turned upside down…literally. Our floor tiles are really slippery when wet and I was kind of hurrying to tip the water out the back door when my foot went from under me, the bucket of dirty soapy water swung up and I tipped it all over my lower body and legs. I also landed heavily on my backside, but was so shocked by the fall that I didn’t register the pain. I got up and started to mop the water that was happily scooting under the cupboard door. I certainly gave Buster Keaton a run for his money, but was all achey breakey the next day.

rain 2

Did you see the horrendous weather yesterday and today?? It was actually snowing yesterday. And today it’s been raining heavily on and off. It’s off just now, but there are big black clouds looming on the horizon. I don’t mind bad weather so long as I am cosy inside.

Oh, finished The Tobacco Lords. Quite a shocker of an ending…don’t worry, I won’t tell. Yup, enjoyed the book. Am currently not reading any fiction, but only because I haven’t chosen a book yet. Just finished Miserly Moms which give tips on saving money. It’s quite good, but we do a lot of what it suggests.

What else has been happening chez moi? Nothing much really. Today, I helped the girl paint the volcano she made with her dad for a homework project. It’s the colour of poo…it looks like a big poo. Tomorrow I’ll pick up some yellow and orange paper to make the lava and explosion. Maybe it won’t look so poo-like after that. I quite enjoyed painting it though.

Introduced the kids to Home Alone and Home Alone 2 recently and they just loved them. They laughed and laughed. I think the first film is the best, but the sequel is hilarious too. I don’t like Home Alone 3…it just isn’t as good, but they are keen to watch it so maybe this will be tonight’s movie.

rain 3

Right, I’m going to go. Am going to put dinner on and try to feel better. It’s my own fault! Until next time!

Dawn (with a sore head and desperate to go back to bed) xxxxx














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