Missing: have you seen this monster?

Vanessa is missing. My girl was playing with her on Monday, she thinks she left her in our kitchen and now she’s gone…along with the little pink bag she was being kept in.


An extensive search of the house and garden and the homes of the girl’s friends has turned up nothing. She has simply vanished. What worries us is this: did someone enter our kitchen and take the bag thinking there was a purse in it? This is why I always lock our doors – in case such a thing should happpen – but hubby isn’t quite so paranoid. Who knows? But the fact remains is that the little monster I made for my girl is missing. I hope she turns up soon as my daughter was very upset.

Anyway, this is the latest mini drama to befall our home. That and the fact I have been unable to finish Vanessa’s mother monster as my sewing machine decided it had had enough and refused to work properly. Despite trying to fix the tension, it just decided it had had enough of sewing thank you very much so go away. I will try again today. Does this just happen with old sewing machines (as my two are)? Or do all sewing machines have a mind of their own?

I am on hat 2 of my knit-a-hat-for-everyone project. Basically it started like this: my two crafty friends and I like to make our children and each other a small gift for Christmas. Last year, I was given a lovely toilet bag and handmade chocolates. I made them knitted tea cosies. Anyway, this year I asked my two crafty friends what would like for Christmas this year? And theĀ  reply was a knitted hat each from a pattern from Jane Brocket’s The Gentle Art of Knitting. I’ve knitted one and am halfway through the second. They are really nice hats, so I’ve decided to knit the kids one each too and myself. Not sure if hubby wants one too, he’s not really a hat wearer. However, if this winter is like last winter (ie FREEZING) then I am sure he’ll want one!!

DarkIsle 3 is nearing completion…well my first draft is. Last week, during my lunch hour at work, I sat and planned out the final chapters of the book. It should tie up a few loose ends. It’s getting exciting. Am away to write!

Dawn xxx

4 thoughts on “Missing: have you seen this monster?

  1. you are so lucky to have such fabulistic friends who make you cosmetic bags and chocolate. You are so fortunate….do you want chocolates again????Maybe a candle??? Sorry about the missing monster….have you questioned your boy?

    • Oh oh! I don’t know. I’d like the chocolates, but a candle also sounds good. I can’t decide. When do you need to know? Shall we discuss it over tea and cake at mine next week?? Ref monster…boy has been questioned. Still no sign of her. Girl probably took her out of house and left her somewhere and forgot…although not like the girl to forget anything! They are just back from an overnight at their grandparents…the house was eerily quiet without them. Managed to wake up naturally this morning…first time in nearly seven years! See you Friday.

      Dawn xxx

  2. Am jumping back to ‘where do robins go in the summer’!

    They nest, and start coming back again, sometimes if you are lucky, bringing their babies with them, when they need more food to recover from nesting, raising young, and moulting.

    We have a very tame one which eats out of our hands and comes when called! You can see a cute photo under ‘cards’ on my blog.

    Have just found your lovely blog…hope you find the monster soon.

    • HI Freda
      Thanks for letting me know. I’d always wondered. We have at least two robins who seem to come to the garden every autumn right through until spring, but we never see them in the summer. I’ll have a look on your blog to see your pics.

      Dawn x
      PS monster is still missing…she’s just vanished. Sigh.

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