Mmmmmm…damper bread and jam.

Mmmm...Damper bread

Damper bread with jam

The Damper bread turned out really well, especially with a big dod of strawberry jam on it. Yum. I’m not the best bread maker. I try and make it completely by hand and I’ve only managed to get something remotely edible from my bread in the last year after much trawling of the web to find out the right kneading technique. Anyway, this bread doesn’t need much kneading, just a quick mix and bung it in the oven. Excellent. I may even make a fresh one for Sunday when we celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It’s not actually her birthday but is the only day that’s close to her birthday that we can have my parents over for a birthday lunch and present giving.

My week has been very busy, especially at work. We’re moving office following yet another reorganisation. My new office is great…nice and light and airy…which is good cos I can’t stand not having natural light in my place of work. Been given a lot of new tasks to do as well, which is good.

Yesterday, me and the kids went out into the garden. It was a beautiful day and I decided to get them to help me pick up all the sticks and leaves that had littered the back garden since last week’s storm. We made a twig tower which I hope will be useful to the fairies that live at the bottom of our garden for fuel and building materials. The fairies have lived there ever since my daughter (nearly six) was able to grasp the concept of fairies. There are a couple of families and we don’t see them very often. I suspect their jobs are to look after all the spring flowers that are peeping up from the soil all over the garden.

This morning I plan to write, then we will have lunch and go to the shops and then pop over to my friend Jane’s house for tea and cakes. It’s a hard old life!

Dawn xx

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