Mr Cuddles has come to stay

The boy’s nursery has given us their teddy, Mr Cuddles, to stay with us for a week. We have to take pics of him doing activities and write up a diary.  It’s quite a nice idea, but awfully hard to think up interesting things to put in the book as we don’t lead very interesting lives. Here’s an extract… Once he went to nursery, I relaxed at home with a cup of tea, choccie biscuit and an old movie on the box. I snoozed all afternoon until everyone came home.

Had a quiet day today. Everyone was out. I was bored, so I taught myself to juggle with a colander, wok and kettle.

I think I’ll need to spice up the diary, it’s sending me to sleep.

Here’s the star of the diary himself, looking forlornly out of the window at the dreich horrible weather…

He does look bored. Wonder what he’s thinking? Wish it would stop raining? What’s for tea? What’s the meaning of life? What’s the offside rule? Do I really care?

Dawn xxx

2 thoughts on “Mr Cuddles has come to stay

  1. Poor Mr Cuddles…but please don’t bore him with the offside rule or any other football trivia. Maybe the boy could do some finger painting with him or some glue and glitter crafting…bake something which requires rubbing in…sorry I am no help whatsoever!!

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