Mud squelching, branch dodging and getting stung by nettles

Kilmahew Castle

View from the grounds of Kilmahew Castle

View from the grounds of Kilmahew Castle

We’re going on a lion hunt! Actually, that’s not true…we actually went on a castle hunt. Kilmahew Castle to be exact. Myself, two friends and our offspring (four kids in total) donned wellies and set off up the hill at the back of the village of Cardross to visit Kilmahew Castle.

If you remember, myself, hubby and the weans were there earlier in the year, but one of my friends had never been and the other hadn’t been for a long time and we thought it would make a good short walk for the kids.

And just as well we had the wellies on! It was MUDDY! And it was cold, but we were all well wrapped up. The kids ran on ahead pretending they were in the jungle and we visited the Priest’s Pond on the way up and then got to the castle.

The pathway up was all overgrown with low lying tree branches and lots of nettles which pierced the jeans I was wearing giving my a nice little sting in the thigh…hey, I’m a big girl, I didn’t cry, just muttered about it under my breath.

We had intended having a peaceful walk, but the kids were noisy and having fun, so there was no peace, but we enjoyed the walk after all.

I don’t know much about Kilmahew Castle, but it’s a very old ruin now. According to Wikipedia it was built in the 16th century by the Napiers and 18 generations lived there. It is currently owned by the Archdiocese of Glasgow. It’s a pity it’s been allowed to go to ruin, it’s been in use right up until the mid to late 1800s. It would make a lovely house.

Anyway, I enjoyed visiting it again. There’s something quite magical about it. Plus the views from the land around the castle are really lovely. It’s lovely and green farmland. You can see right over the River Clyde to Port Glasgow on the other side. Unfortunately, my pic above does not do the view any justice…sigh.

Right, am away to do something useful in the house. Ironing?? Hmmm…doesn’t appeal, I must say, but it needs to be done!

Til next time! Dawn xx

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