beachWhat is this weather like? It’s peeing down outside and it’s barely stopped all day. Sigh. The wee fella was keen to go outside and weed the garden too! Don’t know what’s wrong with him! Maybe he was switched at birth. Weeding isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time, so am secretly pleased it’s too wet to do that!! Tee hee.

My little-est sister (in age, not height, cos she’s taller than me) has started a new blog.¬† It’s called VickyvvDomesticity. I wish her well with it.

My aunt celebrates a big birthday today. I’ll not say how old she is, cos a lady never tells, but she’s still looking fab! Happy birthday Donna! 25 again!!

What else has been happening? Not an awful lot. Visited my pal Mandy last week. Mandy’s a very talented illustrator and has just brought out a new book Scary Scottish Castles which is available via Historic Scotland at various Scottish castles, including I’m told, Edinburgh. Mandy’s excellent sense of humour shines through in her images, so if you’re visiting one of our lovely Scottish fortresses soon, mind and pick on up. The books are aimed at kids, but are full of interesting info that wee adults will enjoy too!! Anyway, she was recovering from a broken shoulder, so I took her over some cakes and we had a great wee blether over tea and munchies. Was good to catch up.

Am a bit short on the old words this week because although I’ve been busy, I’ve not been doing¬† a lot that’s been newsworthy. Been baking loaves and checking my seedlings in the wee greenhouse out the back. Meant to transplant them into bigger tubs today, but have been feeling a bit off colour, so am leaving it til later in the week. Am growing tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and a couple of things that will be a complete surprise because I totally forgot to put a label on them! hee hee!

Right am off to make the packed lunches for tomorrow. Until next time!

Dawn xx

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