October 10, 2018 – Bring Your Teddy to Work or School Day

teddy bear

This is a great day – Bring Your Teddy to Work or School Day. New or old, dig out your dear old ted, tuck him in your bag and take him or her with you wherever you go today.

Teddy bears were created after toy makers became inspired by the story of Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, the then President of the United States, who in 1902 was on a hunting expedition hunting bears. His attendants hunted down a bear, clubbed it into submission and tied it to a tree for him to shoot. Mr R thought it unsportsmanlike and refused to kill the bear. However, because the bear was old and badly injured, he had his aides put the bear down out of mercy.

Ever since then, children have been given toy bears called Teddys to love. The first toy creators thought to have created toy bears were Richard Steiff of Germany and Morris Michtom of the USA.

To celebrate the day, get your bear dressed up in its best bib and tucker and take it to work or school. Maybe you could even organise a Teddy Bear’s Picnic? Have fun.

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