Only in Govan…

I drive by this view every day that I go to work.

My office is in Govan and I like working there, but today I witnessed something that I wonder if you’d see anywhere else. I was walking to a meeting past Elder Park (which is a very nice park near my office) and saw three men carefully taking a very nice, very modern, blond wood effect wardrobe out of a removal van. There was nothing strange about it until one of the men opened a door to reveal a FULL wardrobe of clothes inside and several boxes from one of which he took something. Do people really move house without emptying their furniture first? How odd. And what did he take out of the box? Hmmmm.

Anyway, it’s been a busy old week at work and I’ve been very lax in writing this blog. Firstly, I must say that I really enjoyed cutting the ribbon at Geilston Garden. I had a fab time doing it and I’d like to thank Joanna and her team for inviting me, the National Trust for Scotland for allowing me near their lovingly restored glasshouse despite my reputation for being a bit of a clumsy clod around breakables, my lovely family for coming to see me and all my friends who showed up to see me too. Thanks guys, your support was greatly appreciated.

I’ve not watched a lot of telly over the past few days cos I’ve been busy baking. I was off cooking for a little while there – it happens occasionally! – but was back on it on Monday night (despite a full day at work) baking fairy cakes (undecorated), Jane Brocket’s recipe for shortbread (hurrah, I’ve finally made shortbread that doesn’t break your teeth! At last! That is the first time it’s worked for me! Thank you Jane!) and Sophie Dahl’s recipe for the bread in her Musician’s breakfast recipe. This last one was a bit of a worrier for me as I was convinced it was far too wet and wobbly, but I stuck with the recipe and it worked. And it’s delicious! I do like her cookbook, it’s a glimpse of the lovely quiet, calm life I aspire to.

Tonight (it’s Wednesday night at 8.22pm as I write) I am upstairs in my bedroom hiding from the football match downstairs. Hubby loves football and is an avid Scotland fan. Scotland are playing Wales. I, however, am completely indifferent to football, in fact it bores me. Thank goodness for telly and books!

This is how I envisaged Irvine Beach looking on the night Morag meets Bertie and Aldiss and they free Shona.

Am just looking out of my bedroom window and sighing. The weather has been atrocious here in Scotland over the last week – really high winds and lots of rain and not only has my garden taken a battering, but my windows are extremely dirty. They look like they’ve been cleaned by unscrupulous window cleaners using a pail of dirty water. The theory in this house is that it’s volcanic ash mixed with rain! Is that possible? The windows are certainly scummy looking.

Anyway, I’ll worry about that at the weekend. Back to my book!

Dawn x

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