Panda Buns and Naughty Sewing Machines

A little girl playing on the stairs

Here’s a little girl who’s going to a new home. I made her from Hillary Lang’s Wee Wonderfuls book (which I love). She’s my version of Panda Buns and she’s heading for the home of my little niece who is two next week. I loved the pattern, so couldn’t resist. My own girl has already put in an order and I think I may make one for her for Christmas. Originally the doll’s clothes were going to be a finer cotton that had a lovely red flower pattern on  it, but my two sewing machines decided they weren’t going to play and despite spending several hours trying to get the tension right on both, neither wanted to sew on the finer material. So I used the thicker cotton instead – you may recognise it as the leftovers from my kids’ teepee! Why do sewing machines never play ball when you need them the most??

Anyway, despite being super busy this week (that’s what happens when I go back to work…everything goes a bit mental and I feel like I’m running at a million miles an hour just to keep up with everything I have to do…you know what I mean!),  DarkIsle 3 is coming along nicely and I’m managing the odd piano practise (did I tell you we got a piano?). I love playing the piano, it’s so relaxing and I can actually play simple tunes on both hands! Miracles!

Dawn xx

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