Pig love and a new cardie for the girl

Sorry about the blurry picture but you wouldn’t believe how difficult our two new boys are to photograph. I’ll try and get more pics, but for now you’ll have to make do with a lounging Sam taken before he skipped off the top of the house and went inside. He is one of two new boys in our house…the other one  is Mr Darcy and he’s a lot more nervy and shy. Anyway (and yes I’m going to be gushy), I am totally besotted with the pair of them. I love animals, but due to a number of allergies I am not often around them. Anyway, the girl asked for a pet hamster for her Christmas and hubby finally relented to her having one (provided I take charge of it). Then my friend – who already had one and got another one subsequently – suggested we buy her a guinea pig because they are bigger, not so wriggly and good natured. I had a guinea pig when I was five and loved him, so thought it was a great idea. Hubby went to buy the cage, read the leaflet and said we needed to buy two because they are pack animals. Well, there was no twisting of arms to get me to agree to that one…provided I could have the other guinea pig (shared with the boy, of course, who loves them too!). So that is how Sam (the girl’s pig) and Darcy (mine and the boy’s pig – yes, named after Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice…I am a huge Jane Austen fan (and Colin Firth…say no more!)) came to be the newest members of our family.

Here are two facts I never knew about guinea pigs:

1. they poo A LOT

2. they pee A LOT

I would advise anyone thinking of buying them as pets to think about the fact that we’re having to clean them out every couple of days due to the huge amount of toilet waste they produce. I can’t believe they produce so much. They are a two-guinea pig manure factory!!!

But we still love them A LOT. They are both sweet natured, love being stroked and are great fun especially when they are tearing around the living room having fun during their daily exercise sessions.

Anyway, apart from the pigs, life has gotten back to normal this week as I returned to work and the kids to school/nursery school. I don’t know why it is, but I feel exhausted this week…must be all the early mornings and actually having to work hard. The boy has been chalk white with tiredness all week. He’s four and has been finding this week a bit of a chore. He’s currently lying on the floor of the living room, sniffing his security blanket, holding the new wooden sword my friend gave him for Christmas and watching Squiggle It on the telly. Oh to be four and have no responsibility!!

This year I have made a few wee resolutions. They are:

  • to be less wasteful when it comes to food – I am pretty good at not wasting food, but I feel we could do better
  • to knit and sew more – cos I love it
  • to create my own toys
  • to lose weight – cos I’m getting too portly. What I really need is more energy to actually go out and exercise. However, I know that once I do exercise (walking, swimming and yoga are favourites) I always feel better and more energised. I just need the energy in the first place to go and do it. Although, in saying that, I did go back swimming with my friend last Sunday after a break of about four weeks. This year we’re going to be better and no miss so many Sundays!!
  • to play the piano more – I have new piano books and am currently learning Something by The Beatles, which is one of my favourites. It’s such a romantic song.

Talking of knitting (bullet point 2), here’s a wee project I’m currently working on…

It’s the Swing Cardigan from Easy Kids Knits by Claire Montgomerie. The yarn is Rowan Cashcotton DK in banana – the colour is much more yellow than it shows up in this pic. The girl wanted yellow. Also have a cardie to knit from the boy. He wanted green, but we couldn’t get any green yarn from Edith’s – our local yarn shop in  Alexandria – so he opted for a charcoal colour instead. I haven’t started this one yet.

Apart from knitting, I’ve also started back on a book for adults. It’s an adventure romance and I’m having fun writing it. I’m hoping to have it finished within the next few months so that I can start sending it out to publishers and agents.

Anyway, I’ve wittered on enough for now. I’m going to say adieu until next time.

Dawn xx

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