Pooh would have called it a blustery day

A view through wind torn trees of the swans

We decided to blow the cobwebs away this afternoon and take a walk in the park that runs alongside the River Clyde. We were almost anchoring down the kids it was that windy. You can’t see it from the above picture, but the wind was whipping across the river nearly blowing my youngest (who is only three) off his feet. The kids loved it and were howling with laughter the whole time. The pic above is taken from the little metal bridge that runs over the burn and where we always play Pooh Sticks. You can just see the white of a flock of swans who are resting on the riverside. I think it’s the same flock who we see in spring and autumn each year. I think we might be on their migratory flight path.

A close up of the swans

Pretty flower

We came across a few of these pretty little flowers. I don’t know what they are, but I thought I’d take a pic of them anyway.

The walk ended with a trip to the swingpark where the kids whooped and howled with laughter as their dad swung them higher and higher. We came home an half hour later – still being blown away all the way and stopping on the metal bridge for Pooh Sticks – and had tea and chocolate.

Am now going to do a bit of work on DI3 and install my new printer (my old printer being well and truly kaputed!).

Dawn xx

One thought on “Pooh would have called it a blustery day

  1. One of my biggest parenting problems is that Im so busy doing my own chores and thinking about what I want to do with the kids that I forget to make sure they have done their chores. With 3 kids to keep track of I find it hard to make sure that everyone is on task.

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