We seem to be having an over abundance of rain lately. Don’t get me wrong, Scotland is pretty wet and rainy for a good part of the year normally, but it’s been particularly soggy lately. I don’t mind the rain if I can stay indoors with a good book and a cup of tea. However, it’s been going on so long that I’m fed up being stuck indoors and desperate to get outside for a good walk. Added to that is how dark it is. The sky is grey, the wind is howling and it’s just the kind of weather to dampen one’s spirits. Not to worry!!

So how are you today? Me? I’m good (apart from the aforementioned need to get out into some nice weather!). I’m still reading Virginia and starting to like To the Lighthouse. I’m glad I stuck with her because two days ago I was so close to chucking it in. To explain – it takes a lot for me NOT to finish a novel, so I was determined to keep going for a while at least and am now glad I did. Will let you know how it goes. Am feeling the need for a Dickens to follow and have my eye on Little Dorrit purely because I like the name!

Life this week has been relatively uneventful. Nobody fell and hit their head, thank goodness, and we’ve just been getting on with life as usual. My brother-in-law welcomed a new life into his side of the family when his neice Sophie was born. We are all very happy for his brother and his wife. That was a really nice piece of news to hear.

Myself and a couple of workmates toddled along to the new Olympia (Bridgeton) Library yesterday lunchtime for a cup of tea and a blether. The library opened last December after a total refurbishment/rebuild. It’s been built within the old Olympia Theatre site and the facade of the theatre has been retained. It’s lovely stepping through the old fashioned entranceway into a completely modern library which has its own cafe. Why were we there? We work nearby and I had been there a couple of weeks before to visit my friend who works there. My colleague also had books to return and it’s also difficult to find a nice cafe to sit in in that area. We have the People’s Palace/Winter Gardens which has a cafe and I like it, but it’s an old old building and the Winter Gardens is housed in a large glasshouse that is full of leaks and draughts…not good for our recent weather! Myself and some others were in there the other day and it was freezing. So we opted for the Olympia. I love it for two reasons: my friend is closer to me and easier to pop in on; and I can sit there being surrounded by lovely lovely books. We had a good laugh there, my book-returning colleague was being really funny reading a passage out of a particularly juicy book she had borrowed. We were all hee-hawing as she hammed it up.

Anyway, on that note, I must get on. I have a load of things to do today and no real inclination to do any of them. Sigh. Until next time,

Dawn xxxx

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