Red nose, earache and sneezing… just a normal day in the household!

Been down with the lurgy this week. Am writing this following a whole week of feeling really horrible. I think I caught a flu-like cold at work. Here are the symptoms: earache (I always get earache!), coughing and sneezing, feeling hot and cold, runny nose, headache, off food (so NOT like me) and generally feeling lethargic. I didn’t go over the door for three days! Thank goodness it’s all behind me now and I’m feeling better. Still have the cold, but it’s no way as bad.

Just wanted to show you a couple of projects I completed recently. Apologies for the fuzzyness of the photo.

The angel is an Alan Dart pattern from his The Nativity Collection. I love his knitting patterns for toys…they are so clever. Am currently trying to track down the Bagpuss one so I can knit one for myself – well, I am one of the Bagpuss generation from the first time round!! That at The Clangers, Mary, Mungo and Mitch etc etc!! Back to the angel… the kids saw it and wanted one. I now have additional orders for another angel, a shepherd and a sheep.

The white things in front of the angel are the practise gloves I knitted. The Pattern is from Rowan Classic Winter Gifts. I just wanted to see if I could do it and I can!! Chrissy pressies here I come!!

I recently took up knitting again following a long, long time of not knitting, mainly because it became very uncool to do any kind of craft in the 80s (when I was a teenager and impressionable and wanting to be cool, although I never was cool…ever…and never have been and don’t want to be now!). So I gave up my beloved knitting and sewing and didn’t do much of anything. Took up crafting again last year thanks to a) having my own kids (I love making things for them, b) my own desire to do it (I love baking and cooking too) and c) having quite a number of arty friends who love to make things (hey girls! tea and buns at mine next week!). My home is now heaving under the weight of a large collection of cookery books, and knitting and sewing books and magazines as well as yarn, material, thread, embroidery thread, needles, my sewing machine and all the other stuff I need to carry out my passion.  Have also been making my daughter a vampire outfit…will post a pic of that once it’s done! If you’re wondering how I find the time, well I make things over a period of weeks rather than days… the angel was started last year and it’s taken me til this year to sew her up and the gloves were knitted over four weeks.

Anyway, I had best be off. Am away to bake some cupcakes from The Humming Bird Bakery cookbook for next week’s piecebox (the kids have packed lunches at school and nursery) and then I will do some ironing (sigh… I hate ironing). Tonight, when the monsters are in bed, I will get back to writing DI3…I have been neglecting writing all week because I just didn’t feel up to it. Am looking forward to getting into it again.

Love and sneezes

Dawn x

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