Ribbon cutting

Geilston Garden

It’s strange some of the things you get asked to do as an author…strange, but  nice at the same time. Next Sunday, I’m going to Geilston Garden – which is a lovely National Trust for Scotland place in Cardross where I live – to officially open their newly refurbished greenhouse. It’s part of Scotland’s Garden Scheme’s Gardens of Scotland charity event. I am absolutely delighted to have been asked cos Geilston is one of my all time favourite places to be and Joanna, the head gardener, and her staff are all really nice people, so of course I was pleased to do it for them.

Geilston is THE place I would like to live if I had lots of money and it came on the market. It’s got everything I love – a fab old house, lovely old outhouses, a walled garden, a burn, a large veg patch (home to a couple of chickens – I love chickens) and lots of places to hide and play for kids. It’s magical. Joanna and her team should be congratulated for keeping the garden so lovely.

What’s also ironic about next week is that this time I will be cutting the ribbon instead of organising the ribbon cutting (as I have done in the past in my various jobs in PR). It will feel strange being the person doing it rather than the one organising it!

Anyway, if any of you are around next week and want to come along, I will be at Geilston from around 2pm. Please come up and say hello.

Dawn x

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