RIP Piggy

We are not amused!

It’s been a helluva week this week…and it’s not all down to hubby’s illness. Okay, so we did have a couple of trips to the hospital and hubby got some treatment and he seems a teensy bit better which is good.

And by Friday I was beginning to sigh a sigh of relief that we had got to the end of the week without any emergency races to hospital.

Twas not to be though. I shouldn’t have counted my chickens for not only did the girl fall on school Sports Day and had to be taken (by me) to hospital to see if she had broken her arm (she hasn’t, but she’s badly hurt the muscles so is all strapped up), but our darling Guinea Pig, Fitzwilliam Darcy (pictured) decided Friday was the day to die.

We shall miss our Darcy. He was a great pet and I was very fond of him. He hadn’t been well though and I was glad he went himself because I was considering taking him back to the vet’s to get him put down. But the wee soul had other ideas – went himself, in his own bed with his pal beside him.

The boy was distraught. He’s only eight and had never come across death before. He insisted we bury Darcy in the garden so we went out to the river shore and found a suitable stone for a gravestone. The boy wrote RIP Darcy on it with a black marker pen.

On Saturday afternoon, I dug his grave (putting my back out for my troubles) and we said a few words. I planted a scaredy cat plant over the grave so the dog or local cats wouldn’t dig him up. The girl laid some forget-me-nots. It was a quick, but nice ceremony. The boy had another wee cry and that was that.

The grave has now become a bit of a ‘thing to see’ by the boy’s pals. Sigh.

Anyway, that was our week this week. What can I say? Our lives are a bit mental just now and the near arm break and the piggy death just put the tin hat on it! And here was me complaining in my last post that my life is boring! All I can say is this – Thank God for wine!!

The good news for the week though was that both the boy and the girl were placed in the races. For the skipping race, the boy came second and the girl came first (seconds before she ‘timbered’!). Unfortunately, I had to take both of them out of school before the medal ceremony due to the urgent hospital visit, but hopefully they’ll pick up their medals on Tuesday when they go back to school.

So that was the tailend of my week. How was yours? Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the fab weather today (if you’re in the UK and in the sunny areas). It’s been roasting, which is lovely.

Right, am going to finish up now and make some tea. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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