Roosevelt and Me

Gosh it’s cold today! Four degrees Centigrade (around 7.5 Fahrenheit) today, but colder this morning when this picture was taken. I was out with the dogs and I’ll share some more pics soon.

So, how are you all? Hope you’re well. Looking forward to Christmas? I put up most of my decorations the other day, got tired (cos still at the tail end of a nasty cold bug) and thought I’d finish up on Monday morning. Well, I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t finish, but that’s okay, it’s getting done today.

I’m back to full speed for writing and am currently writing a Paranormal Romance Mystery book set in an alternative Victorian Scotland. Envy came out last month and I’m taking a break from the Sisters of Sin books for a couple of months. I have one I want to write next year. I’ve also got another book to write for a different series  – that’s out next year – and I’ve signed up for a Paranormal Romance series for 2024. So, busy, busy busy.

The River Clyde this morning.

My Christmas preparations are being done in between writing, in between doing my social media business and my degree course. I have just about bought everything I need for presents, I just need to wrap them. I’m also going to start writing my Christmas cards today. They need to be out this week if they have a hope in hell of getting to people. The Royal Mail delivery service has been appalling recently. It’s not surprising considering the strikes.

Millie and Casper out on our walk this morning.

TV – I’ve been watching a really interesting series on Theodore Roosevelt on Sky History. I don’t know a lot about the man, except he was President and the incident with the bear cub, and this is a really good programme. Really enjoying it.

Also started watching Wednesday on Netflix. I thought it was okay. I need to watch more of it.  Also started watching 1899. That’s good so far. Lots of questions raised and intrigues.  I don’t know why I’m not swept up in it like everyone else who watches it has been, but it’s maybe just a slow grower for me.

Right, that’s me for now. I have a book to write and some uni to do. Til next time

Dawn xxx

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