Rosehips and swimming


Hello! How’s things? Hope you are well. What’s been happening in your world lately? Hope it’s been a good time for you. Me? Well I’ve not much to update since the last time I blogged (a couple of days ago). The weather in the Central Belt has been mainly foggy in the morning then burning off to lovely warm sunshine later…It’s taking it’s time to burn off this afternoon, but am hopeful for a bit of sunshine soon.

The boy hasn’t been well the last couple of days. I think it’s just a wee stomach bug. He was off school yesterday (having woken up during the night the night before crying with stomach pain) and I was called to the school this morning to pick him up. He seemed ill earlier, but has picked up remarkably…ahem.

A view of the Clyde

A view of the Clyde.

This morning – before the school phonecall – I went to our local pool and swam 36 lengths. That’s half a mile with four lengths over. In training for next year’s triathlons and open water swims. Was really pleased as I shaved three-and-a-half minutes off my half a mile time. I felt stronger in the water too and didn’t get puffed out after ten lengths. I could have gone a bit longer, but I want to take it slowly but surely. Tonight am planning a short go on the exercise bike…again building it up slowly.

This weekend we have nothing planned. If it’s dry I may take the kids out cycling or walking for a little while. See how it goes.

Right that’s it for me today. Am away to do the housework!

Til next time!

Dawn xxx

PS the photos were taken on my Samsung phone en route to work on Tuesday. It was a lovely lovely day.

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