September 4 – Wildlife Day

Today we’re going to celebrate Wildlife Day, which aims to remind us all that we need to stand up for all wildlife. That’s not just endangered species on the plains of Africa, but out domestic wildlife too.

Every year we lose numerous species as humans take over land that was once the homes of different animals be that tigers or snow leopards or even the hedgehogs in our back gardens.

 All animal life is precious, so let’s celebrate them today, let’s raise our voices to protect them and save them for future generations to enjoy.

Wildlife Day was created to honour the memory of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin who was killed by a sting ray way back in 2006. He was a leading expert and conservationist.

To celebrate Wildlife Day and to remember Steve (as all us folk of a certain age certainly do quite fondly), why don’t you support a wildlife charity, pop along to an animal sanctuary or zoo, donate time or money to a wildlife cause or find out how you can make your garden more attractive to wildlife.


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