She’s a little monster


I took a notion yesterday to sew a little monster. I really love softies so wanted to have a go and Vanessa above is my first attempt. She’s based on a free pattern I got from here , which is on the RevoluzZza site. She’s made from an old housecoat my daughter had when she was four (it said Princess on the back) and had grown out of.  I had originally called her Sybil, but the girl changed her name to Vanessa. She’s right into High School Musical at the mo’ (in fact the second one is currently playing on the tv as I write), so I don’t know if she’s calling her after Vanessa Hudgens or not – probably not as she’s young enough only to know the actors by their character names. Anyway, I felt this teeny little monster needed a handbag and a skirt (made from an old cashmere jumper I had that shrunk in the wash…doh!). I now have an order for another one – this time I have to make mummy.

The inspiration for making the monster came from reading an article in this month’s Mollie Makes about Felt Mistress Louise Evans and her fab creations. It always amazes me how creative folk are and Louise’s little creatures are really nice. I can only aspire to be as good!

Anyway, this week has been a bit mental weather-wise. It’s been very cold and very wet. The rain came down so hard it threatened to beat through the car roof as I waited with the boy outside the school gates yesterday. This morning is a lot nicer – a lot more ‘calm after the storm’.  I love extreme weather, especially if I’m not out in it!

The dinner party last week went well. I was a bit worried my pizzas wouldn’t turn out (soggy bases are easy to create!), but they were fine. The cheesecake was great and we also had the rest of the chocolate cake I’d made for my parents coming over earlier in the day. We’ve been eating leftovers ever since…yum!

Talking of baking, did you see the final of The Great British Bake Off last week? Those three ladies made some fanatastic looking cakes and I think Jo was a worthy winner – her final display was lovely. Anyway, I have this week’s masterclass to watch on Sky Plus, so am looking forward to that…any tips to improve my baking are much appreciated, particularly where pastry is involved.

Right, am away to do stuff…I have more monsters to make!!

Dawn xxx

2 thoughts on “She’s a little monster

  1. why did we not talk about the Bake off today??? I thought Jo was lovely and also liked MaryAnne. Some of the things they made were delicious looking – may even try some of the things they made. The male judge…someone Hollywood, I felt, was always constructive and fair but Mary Berry is just a posh old bird and at times very patronizing. Glad Jo won because she just got on and improved every week.

    • I did not know you had watched it!!! Jeezo! Right, this will be on our conversation list when we meet again a week on Friday!! Is it Paul Hollywood?? Yes, I agree about Mary…I think it’s just the way she puts things across (school marm springs to mind!!). I am glad Jo won too cos I quite liked her, although I thought the trophy was a bit naff. Am away to put dinner on – the boy has told me he is hungry and needs dinner.

      Dawn xx

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