She’s wants a Munchkin costume…by the end of the week!

I try my best to be a good mother: I make things for my kids, I look out for great things to do or things to cut out and stick. However, I drew the line when my daughter today asked if I could make her a Munchkin costumeĀ as she and her schoolmates were putting on The Wizard of Oz and could she have the costume by the end of the week?

“End of the week?” I exclaimed, choking on the words.

“Well I’ll give you two weeks then!” she replied. “Could you put lots of flowers on it? I need to look like a flower.”

I had to explain to her that a Munchkin costume could not be produced in two weeks because I work and because I’d have to buy the material, create a pattern, cut out said pattern and stitch it up.

“When can you do it for then?” she asked, a sulk creeping over her face.

“I don’t know.”


Dawn xx

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