Shooting at Arrochar

Take aim, pull, fire!

Today hubby and I drove up to Arrochar (which is about half an hour from where we stay) for a bit of clay pigeon shooting with Arrochar Gun Club. We went as guests of Ian’s friend Andy and his wife Lorna and had a fantastic time. Everyone made us feel really welcome and I’d like to say a big thank you to Andy for organising it for us and to Matt (pictured with me above) for allowing us to come to the club and for all the tuition he gave both me and hubby. A big thanks too to all the gun club members who were so friendly and made it a great day out. We now both have sore arms from holding the shotguns and bruised right shoulders from the kickback from the guns. I don’t care though cos clay pigeon shooting is something I’ve always wanted to do and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’ll probably go back and have another go at some point in the future!

Dawn xx

I managed to hit four in the end! In case you were wondering.

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