Sour Dough disaster and wanting my house back

Okay, so confession time. That pic I used in my last post was purely to jazz up my post. Sorry if you thought I’d made it, I didn’t mean to give that impression. That wasn’t actually the bread I made from the sour dough. The bread I made turned out fine, however, the sour dough didn’t. It smelled of cheese and the bread smelled a little bit of cheese, so I ditched both (even though the bread looked lovely). I am planning to start my sour dough again this week, which gets me on to the reason why I’ve not managed to do it yet…

…we are having our radiators and boiler replaced. And it’s awful!! Not only has the weather suddenly got colder (thank God for our portable gas heater – the one we bought last year when the old boiler wouldn’t work properly for months), but my house looks as if someone has grabbed it, turned it upside down and given it a good shake. There are things everywhere and everywhere I go there’s mess and chaos and it’s doing my head in.

On the plus side, the boy has recovered a small cache of little soldiers, cars and assorted socks that we think he posted down the back of various radiators when he was younger. We also emptied our under stairs cupboard to give the workmen access to our gas supply and found quite a few things we forgot we had (including cooking utensils!).

Because we’ve not been able to access the kitchen properly, we’ve been living on bought in food (Gregg’s, our local Chinese takeaway, the chippie and tonight it’s probably going to be the curry house). I feel bloated and yucky and can’t wait for them to finish…hopefully today. I miss my kitchen.


Okay, what else has happened this week? Well I’ve been catching up on movies that a friend of my husband has been lending us: Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise) and Olympus Has Fallen (Gerard Butler). Firstly Oblivion – I loved it. It was beautifully done and exciting in bits and really a great movie. I kind of guessed the ending, but that didn’t matter. I would definitely watch this again. 9/10

Olympus Has Fallen – the boy fae Paisley has done well for himself and he’s great in this. I think there’s something really attractive about Gerard and he’s a pretty good actor. However, the film was really American Cheese and by that I mean: oh the Americans are attacked and save the world AGAIN! And there were lots of shots of the American flag falling in tatters to a woosh of music and then being raised again and cheesy lines galore. It was okay, but I wouldn’t buy it for the collection. 7/10

adele blanc-sec

Movies on Sky. Someone a short while ago mentioned a French movie about a female archaeologist who goes on adventures…I think it was my friend Tracy. Anyway, Sky showed The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec recently so I recorded it and watched just over half of it last night. Anyone who knows French film will know what I mean when I say it is very French farce, but it’s enjoyable farce and Louise Bourgoin is excellent in the title roll.

Talking of French things, I’ve also been watching the second series of Hard which is about a mother who suddenly finds herself in charge of her husband’s business after he dies. The problem is that he made naughty movies. Definitely not one for the kids, but it’s hysterically funny. And I love the relationship between Sophie and Roy. I watched some of that last night too (when the kids were in bed).

So that was me watching quite a lot of subtitled French tv and film last night. Hubby was out with some friends and the kids were in bed and I had peace to watch them. About 9.45pm, I decided I’d had enough and wanted to catch the last bit of Elementary (which I also love watching). I’d seen it before, but that’s not why I’m telling you this: I had been watching French programmes for so long (with subtitles in English) that when watching Elementary, I forgot it was in English and found myself looking for subtitles and wondering what was wrong with the programme. How silly!! I’m putting it down to being tired and fed up of living in a guddle.

Anyway, on that note. I’m away to do something useful (probably ironing cos I lead such an exciting life!). Until next time.

Dawn xxx

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