Spinning, spiders and talking Outlander



Hello and how are you all? Hope you are hail and hearty despite the horrible things that have been happening in the world.

And the nasty weather that we’ve been experiencing here in sunny Scotland.

You may be wondering what the hell that is in the first picture. Well that ‘beautiful’ object is not modern art but my attempt at spinning…wool not bikes. Being somewhat crafty (arty not sleekit) I’ve always wanted to give it a go and contacted the lovely Katie of Sealy McWheely for a lesson. I drove over to her house last Wednesday and had a happy couple of hours learning the basics of spinning and chatting about Outlander (the tv programme not the books although I recommended she read them). Thanks Katie. Had a fab time and although no natural, I really enjoyed my attempts at spinning.

Talking of all things woolly and yarn, this is what the girl did to Bonya. She kind of reminds me of Dougal from The Magic Roundabout and didn’t seem to mind her new look. Her ‘wig’ was made out of my lovely inexpensive wrap I that ¬†bought at Matalan during the summer.


Anyway what have you been up to lately? I’ve spent a fair amount of time marvelling at the massive spiders that keep coming into our house. I’m not afraid of them at all. Here’s one that is currently residing in our living room (shh don’t tell the kids or there will be an almighty stramash with screaming and hand wringing and shouts of “Get it out!” cos they are both afraid of eeny weeny spiders)…


Okay so this one is a belter but it’s harmless. In fact I have named him Boris after that toy that was a big spider you shot at. Anyone born after 1980 probably won’t know what I’m talking about. It was a real toy. One of my sisters had it. Anyway our Boris was discovered by me (kids don’t know he’s there) on the wall last night, but tonight was on the floor scuttling about all over the carpet. He was lucky Millie was asleep at the time for she likes nothing better than hunting down beasties and bugs, tormenting them with her paws before killing them. Can’t wait to see the reactions of the kids if they catch sight of him (insert evil mum laugh).

Still working my way through my Laurie Lee book. He has such a lovely way with words. We are currently in pre revolution Spain in all it’s dusty hot glory. It’s part of the memoir ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ about his walking travels from his birthplace in Dorset to London and then by boat to Spain. Because I am somewhat of a nosey cow of course I had to look up the places he went to and at the moment Segovia and la Granja are on my list of places to visit.

Moving on to telly and apart from wallowing in the lovely Outlander as often as possible I am still making my way through Buffy season 6 and have gotten into Tin Star starting Tim Roth which I am really enjoying. Films…watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean which was great, better than I thought it was going to be and have Wonder Woman still to watch (was a big fan of the telly programme as a kid). Looking forward to it. Hope I’m not disappointed.

Right, ¬†as you may be able tell by the hurried tone of the last paragraph I’m winding things up for it is close to my bedtime and I want to get a bit of reading in before lights out. Til next time.

Dawn xxx






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