Spring blossom, fake moustaches and Scottish fayre


A spring has finally sprung and the last week has been lovely and sunny (with the odd bit of rain). Was nice to get some sunshine for a change. This winter has been so…well…boring. We didn’t even get any snow. It was all rain, wind and more rain. And the sky was dark and brooding throughout. So it’s nice to see a bit of sunshine. Fair lifts the spirits.

So how are you all? Hope you are all well and having a good week.

This week, I had Monday off due to the bank holiday and then was back at work. Last night I went to Weegie Wednesday to hear Rights agent Fiona Brownlee talk about her career and her company. Was really interesting. Also met a few new friends, which was nice. Plus got to speak about writing and publishing with other folk from the industry, which is always great.

Telly – Game of Thrones just gets better and better. I loved Monday’s episode, but nothing can beat the demise of you-know-who  last week. Am still enjoying that!! Not seen anything much else this week. Been exhausted with the early rises and the fact the boy decided to get up at 3.30am on Tuesday morning.  Thank god for tea that’s all I can say!!

Last weekend, we all piled over to my sister’s house to help celebrate her husband Sean’s 50th. She put on a great spread – with some help from my excellent cook of a mother – and we had a great time. Highlight of the afternoon: when my sister produced fake moustaches that we all put on and had pictures taken. It was hysterical. Weirdly my daughter actually suite hers, but my hubby looked like a porn star. The boy – normally such a dandy – refused to try one on. I’ll need to get copies of those pics!!

Anyway, I must go. So until next time!!

Dawn xx

ps next month’s Cake-a-licious is changing to my favourite Scottish food and drink!! If any of you have any suggestions, send me a message or email me on: d-a-nelson@tiscali.co.uk


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