Sticky ice-poles


I would like to say that these are the flowers that grace my garden and that I took this lovely pic, but I can’t take credit for it. The blooms do not flourish chez moi and I did not take the photo (well, if you’ve seen some of the other pics I’ve published, you will know this to be true!). This picture was taken by Vavoom 09, an American photographer, at a flower show in Philadelphia…yet another picture from the Stock Xchng website and one chosen to add some more colour to this blog. I’m not even sure what kind of flower it is, but I’m guessing some kind of lily.

Anyway, so how have you been?? Have you gotten over the fervour of the Royal wedding? It was great and was followed by a fantastic weekend of sunshine and warm weather (practically unheard of here in Scotland in April!). The kids have been out playing a lot over the last few days, which has been great, and I took them to Levengrove Park in Dumbarton yesterday for a bit of a run (my two don’t walk anywhere, they run…they run in the way a dog does when let off its leash: full of abandon and joi de vivre). Levengrove Park is a lovely place to be particularly at this time of year: the spring flowers are in full bloom, the grass is as green as can be and the wind swishes through the trees like it does in Enid Blyton books – in a friendly, welcoming sort of manner that makes you think the trees are talking to each other. The park sweeps down a gentle slope towards the River Clyde and to the left is the impressive Dumbarton Rock on which curls Dumbarton Castle, which has lots of romantic historical tales to tell. Added to that mix was a bright blue sky and lots of warmth and sunshine PLUS three kids (I had a friend of the girl’s with us) all wanting an ice-cream or ice-lolly and no ice-cream van to be found! Thank goodness for little local newsagents and their stock of sticky, sugar laden ice-poles (remember them?). They came back lightly tanned and exhausted from the walk/run.

Today was a quieter affair with not much happening, which is just what I needed. It’s been a busy old life lately and I was glad of having not very much to do today other than the usual round of housework and reading my Terry Prachett (‘I shall wear Midnight’). Got it for Christmas and this is just me getting round to it, which is not like me cos normally I’d have my latest Terry Prachett book read by Boxing Day. Read some of it outside on one of our reclining garden chair thingies in between telling the girl ‘no, no, no’ to all the unreasonable demands she was making about various things – as usual. One thing I’ll say about Terry is that his books are consistently good, although Thud! is still my absolute favourite.

Would have gotten on with DI3, but have hit an impasse in the old writing and wanted to print off what I’d written so far so that I could sort out in my mind what it is I want to do next with the story. There feels like there is a big void in my head at the moment every time I think of DI3 and this is the best way I know of getting through it (this void thing happens every time I write a book). However, my printer has gone on the blink again and this time I cannot get it to work. Sigh. Later this week, when my week’s work in my ‘real’ job is through, am planning to go online to order a new printer. If anyone has any suggestions as to which printer to buy, I’d be most obliged!

Right, on that note, am away to bed. It’s 9.55pm as I write this, got work in the morning and won’t be worth a button if I don’t go soon. Goodnight, sweet dreams!

Dawn x

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