Stormy weather and a new tooth

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What a storm it was yesterday!! I think we had a bit of everything: really high winds, rain, sleet, snow and cold temperatures. It was so bad I actually considered keeping the kids off school. Luckily the wind died down a wee bit which enabled me to get them bundled into the car and up to the school. We battened down the hatches for the rest of the day though!! Today, it seems a lot calmer, which is good, although there is a little frost and snow on the ground outside.

So how have you been? What have you been up to? Have you, like me, just been getting on with things? I was supposed to go to a Christmas table decoration making class last night, but the weather was still bad and the Erskine Bridge was closed, which makes it impossible to get anywhere from this side of the river (the class was in Darnley on the southside). This is because when the Erskine Bridge closes, the other bridges across the Clyde and the Clyde Tunnel snarl up for hours with rush hour traffic. Anyway, am glad I didn’t go because it was a nasty night last night as well. Was really looking forward to the class though because craft is right up my street plus my mum and sisters were going which would have been a good laugh!

The boy lost another tooth this week, which was not as traumatic as it was the first time…thank goodness!! His other tooth – the new one – was most of the way in before this one fell out. Weird boy…most kids would have wiggled the old tooth out, but not our boy!! The tooth fairy came and he spent his pound on some ‘magic’ reindeer dust that he’ll sprinkle outside to encourage Santa to come on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas for all the magic it brings for kids…it’s so nice. I will miss it when they don’t believe any more. Sigh.

Anyway, I need to go. I am writing this before school and I need to go to take the offspring to school. Until next time,
Dawn xxx

PS sad to hear Nelson Mandela died…poor man appears to have lingered for a long time there. I have his Long Walk to Freedom to read and I’m looking forward to doing so. He was someone who truly deserves his place in history.

2 thoughts on “Stormy weather and a new tooth

  1. Wild here yesterday too, Dawn – but very mixed-up: at one point there was darkness and snow on one side of the house and bright blue skies on the other. Today, however, all is serene. We’ll see how long that lasts…

    • Hi John, sorry didn’t reply sooner. Don’t often get comments, so don’t check them often. Terrible day again here too. Just as well there are lots of indoor things you can do in Glasgow!! We took the offspring to Kelvingrove Art Gallery for a spot of Christmas cheer thanks to the Dumbarton Concert Band and a slap up meal in Broomhill!! Have a great Christmas! Dawn x

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