Stuffies, GalGael and Pretty Flowers

Last week was a bit of a blur. The kids were still off for their Easter hols so it was a week of looking after them and squeeze a bit of writing and crafting in between. Here’s a couple of wee stuffies I made for the kids. Am also working on a little doll called Lacey. She doesn’t have any clothes yet, so I will show her when she’s ‘decent’. Am also doing a mini quilt for the boy – again, will show that when it’s done.



Hubby’s scooter pals came down on Sunday for a bit of lunch, much to the delight of the kids who love looking at the scooters and being able to sit on them. Hubby’s scooter is a little white Vespa. It’s really nice and is his pride and joy. The kids refer to it as Daddy’s motorbike.

Was back at work on Monday. Again, the last three days have been a blur. Was really busy and I was out and about a lot in the lovely sunshine, but that’s what I prefer. I hate being stuck at a desk all day and I love the fact that I can get out and about to meetings and I get to talk to lots of different and very nice people. Was at a Men’s Health event yesterday at the Palace of Art in Glasgow and was chatting to stallholders there, including a chap (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name) from GalGael, which is a fab charity helping the people of Govan. Turns out he’s a knitter too, so we had a bit of a conversation about knitting. He also carves the most wonderful wooden carvings – as do many people involved in the charity. I love the whole thing about GalGael, they are very much into making beautiful things and I greatly enjoyed my time there when I interviewed Gehan, whose late husband Colin Macleod set up the charity, for a work newsletter. It’s an inspirational place and they’ve helped many many people.

Anyway, it’s now Thursday and I’m wondering what on earth to write about as I haven’t been doing much other than trying to keep up with the mountain of washing I always seen to have. I was out in the garden last night trying to take arty pics of some of the lovely flowers we have. Unfortunately, I only have a wee Samsung camera, which is great for taking family snaps, but not for more close-up work. Here’s a couple of pics anyway…


Tree blossom

I just love flowers, particularly tulips.

Okay, enough procrastinating. I am away to write up some of DI3. I did a fair bit of planning of the book, so I’ve got a fair bit of writing up to do. Speak to you later!

Dawn xx

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