Super fans, super heroes and super veg

Am writing this blog a day early…well the night before the day I’d usually do a blog. I’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow, so I thought I’d get a head start by doing the blog earlier.


How are you all? Hope you are all good. Am currently watching Tom Felton Meets the Super Fans. It’s really fun. He’s been interviewing various stars about their super fans including Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. J K Rowling even makes an appearance. He’s currently at a Comic Con convention somewhere – it looks like – in England (I think). I’ve always fancied dressing up and going to one of those conventions. It looks like a total laugh. Not sure who I would go as…hmmmm. Catwoman? Elektra? Emma Frost? Hit-Girl? Lara Croft? They are all a good bit younger (and thinner than me), but it would be fun. Who would you go as??


This week has been relatively quiet. Over the weekend there, I was just pootling about doing what I have to do around the house or with the kids. I love Saturdays because I get a long lie (well, as long as the boy sleeps til) and then I take the girl to ballet and spend a sweet hour on my own, eating a roll and bacon in a local café whilst digging into my latest book. Then I pick her up and take her home and the rest of the afternoon stretches out before me.

If only I could grow veg that looks like these and those in the pics above!

If only I could grow veg that looks like these and those in the pics above!

Last weekend, I dug out my plastic greenhouses and set them up in the garden with the help of hubby. Putting the biggest one up was like doing the Krypton Factor (remember that?), it was so complicated. The worrying thing is that while it looks correct, we have a couple of bits left over. Hmmmmm. Hey, it’s up and it looks fine so I’ve just put the extra bits inside the greenhouse and studiously ignore them every time I go near it. The other, smaller, greenhouse was easy to put up. This weekend, I will sew a few seeds and see if anything grows. Am planning to grow lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. That’s the plan, but whether or not I can successfully grow them is another matter. Have only managed a few spindly carrots and some potatoes before!

Anyhoo, can’t believe it’s mid week already. The days are flying past. Next thing I know it’ll be the summer hols and then Christmas! It’s mad!

Moving on, am currently reading Edmund Crispin’s The Case of the Gilden Fly which is a murder mystery (quelle surprise!) about an Oxford Professor and amateur detective investigating the murder of a nasty actress called Yseut Haskell. It’s wonderfully old fashioned (it was written in 1944) and quite funny in bits. I’m thoroughly enjoying it although I do feel it’s a murder mystery where all the aspects of the story have been thrown up in the air and allowed to land wherever. It feels a little disjointed in places, but that could just be because of its age.

Right, time is getting on. Soon be beddy time. Til next time!!


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