Flamin’ hay fever is making my life a misery


Am on for a moan. I have hay fever, I’ve had it forever and this year it’s making my life a mysery…again!! My eyes are itchy and puffy and red – I look like an old woman – and I’m sneezing for Scotland. I have taken anti hystamine tablets and now feel like I want to remove my eyeballs and dump them in a glass of cold water. Damn you pollen!

Ham cover

Right moan over. What have I been up to this week? Well, it’s been rather busy. Just been putting the final touches on to my novel Dusting Down Alcudia. I’m awaiting ISBN numbers and once I have them will be uploading them for sale on Kobo, Kindle, Ipad and Nook. If anyone knows of any other ereaders out there, let me know and I’ll upload them on to that too. Will upload a PDF of the first couple of chapters up to this blog so you can have a taster of it. Have also been continuing to edit my second novel for adults, called (at the moment) Ham. It’s about a a woman called Susan who leaves her domineering husband and joins a Wham tribute act. There’s a fair bit of swearing in it, mainly because I wanted it to be real, but I think it’s quite good and hope you do too. I will be uploading that in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know.

This week was also the school’s church service. I’m not at all religious, but it was a nice service and the kids were cute when they were singing about a butterfly (the boy and his class) and I’m Planting My Feet in The Footsteps (my girl and her class). It was nice. Our local Church is lovely. I like churches as buildings, so was quite happy to sit in it and take in the lovely architecture and stained glass windows.

Last night, the girl and her Brownie troupe put on a show about Pirates who go looking for treasure. It was written by a local mum who is one of the Brownie leaders and was really really good. My hubby, the boy and my parents were there and we all really enjoyed it. The girl came off stage all hyper and it was nice to see her so happy and enjoying herself. It was a nice night.

Today, it’s rainy outside, so bang goes my idea of weeding the front garden. So, I’ve decided to get on with Ham and am also going to sew the girl’s dress and the boy’s shirt and jeans. I’ve overlocked them, so am hoping they’ll turn out okay.

Right, am away. Til next time!

Dawn x

Brownies, Remembrance, Skyfall


It was a bit of a mixed day today: lots of pride, a little bit of sadness and lots of excitement. Pride – the girl joined her Brownie pack in commemorating Armistice Day this morning. It happens every year in this lovely village of ours. We live quite near a naval base, so there are lots of navy families living here and lots of retired veterans, so today many joined the Brownies, Cubs, Cubs and the Scouts at our local cenotaph to remember the dead of the two world wars and conflicts since then. They marched from the church and gathered at the cenotaph. Also gathered was quite a crowd of local people who also wanted to pay their respects. Sadness – There was a piper and prayers and I found it all very sad and moving. My grandfathers fought in the war, one was a regular in the army, the other joined the navy during the war. They both survived and lived to a good age, but I just felt so sad for those people who did not. A church service followed, which me, hubby and the boy did not attend not beingĀ very religiousĀ and also the boy was getting fed up by then.

Excitement – our neighbour’s lovely daughter agreed to babysit our kids, so hubby and I were able to go and see Skyfall. I really enjoyed it, it was exciting throughout, but it wasn’t as fantastic as I’d heard it was. Daniel Craig is always good to look at – sorry hubby! Can’t believe it last two hours 45 mins because the time went by so quickly!! It was so nice to go out with my lovely other half, just the two of us. Thanks for taking me handsome! I know you read this!

Dawn xxx